from by Human Fall



try to hold on to reality
but still wandering around restless in my mind
like a dark cave no one there to lead the way
many ways create the labyrinth i am imprisoned

no light on the end of the tunnel not even a small spark of you
the air is thick and old no breeze tells the way out
each path is the start and the end of countless vicious circles

orientation fails
fails as my ideals
i am lost

feeling left alone my will to live trickles away like water on desserts ground
and the feeling that this cave is going to be the death of me creeps up on me
like night over the day
feeling left alone my will trickles away

darkness fills my mind
madness starts to reign
my eyes are blind there is no way to find

time will never shine
no word like mine
i´ll never find
the truth behind


from Escape, released April 8, 2015



all rights reserved


Human Fall Dresden, Germany

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