by Human Fall

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released April 8, 2015

Songs written and produced by Human Fall, Mixing and Mastering by



all rights reserved


Human Fall Dresden, Germany

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Track Name: Elusiveness
i’m strapped to the ground
bound to this fixation
i guess hollywood’s happy endings
just don’t work for me

imprisoned by myself
captured by my mind
restrained myself too hard
i’m lost
cursed by obsession
there is no path to find
restrained myself too hard
i am lost

like a raft without a sail
drifting on the ocean
my shore
is not for me to reach

like a thousand lines
there are a thousand solutions
but i can’t get a hold on
to at least one of them

the path of the righteous
is buried under the thoughts
of scepsis

you looked away
let the sorrow rise
disarray clouded my eyes

i am lost
Track Name: Stalker
you must be blind
you failed to see my horns
you must be blind
for that you let this burden creep up my back

now it’s too heavy to just shake it off

your denial made it easy for me
to gain control and put you in chains
your suffer my pleasure your struggle my game
the very last chance has faded away

i dreamed for this day to come
to crush your back and waste your soul
i rip out your crippled heart
watch your world to fall apart

you can run but you cannot hide
you will die

your helpless screams are screams for the deaf
longing for life your body has already bend
Track Name: Road
try to hold on to reality
but still wandering around restless in my mind
like a dark cave no one there to lead the way
many ways create the labyrinth i am imprisoned

no light on the end of the tunnel not even a small spark of you
the air is thick and old no breeze tells the way out
each path is the start and the end of countless vicious circles

orientation fails
fails as my ideals
i am lost

feeling left alone my will to live trickles away like water on desserts ground
and the feeling that this cave is going to be the death of me creeps up on me
like night over the day
feeling left alone my will trickles away

darkness fills my mind
madness starts to reign
my eyes are blind there is no way to find

time will never shine
no word like mine
i´ll never find
the truth behind
Track Name: Faceoff
rules of time don´t apply
the whole world buried in oblivion fades to lethargy and serenity is falling down
but don’t make a mistake the peace is treacherous the calm before the storm
i can hear the thunder beyond the horizon will this be my end

there is no choice no time for second chances
these bare walls you’ve built up in your life will be your prison your dungeon
the score is set the die is cast
i win you lose you will not last
you’ve gone for broke you lost the way
now here is the price you have to pay

let the tempest come
memories and ghosts rise like poisoned clouds contaminating my heart
stare into a blackened sky an angry vault burnt by vivid flash of lightning
freezing rain whips against my face

there is no escape
you will disappear in the labyrinth you’ve built of the debris of your pathetic being
the shadows of your selfish deeds grew bigger than what you tried to defeat
you you are you are forsaken for all the time
you you are you are forsaken this is my reign
you you are you are forsaken i feel satisfaction by your affliction

i will choke on grievous memories haunting me every day in life
a cold shiver running down my spine and paralyzes my will to rise against

stop resistance
you are the token in the game you can’t win
feel the invisible chains making you unable to move
i am pulling the strings and controlling your fate

nothing but solitude
the deepest abyss in my mind a black hole devours me
the ember of a dead earth trickles through my blood stained hands
will this world collapse

face the truth your time is up
your world cracks under this pressure
take this last breath take this last step
deliver me and give me the chance to take a rest
i´m pulling the strings controlling my faith
i take this last breath i take this last step
Track Name: Aid
you’re drowning ready to lose the control
your eyes are dead feel the coldness in your lies
forgive me all i say together we will push them away
to cleanse everything in you

just the scars in your face are true
your scars are fucking true

become the power through the hate in you
destroy all lies and pain in you

your spirit’s lost hope is faded away your passion’s gone but i won’t let you drown
your spirit’s lost your passion’s gone but i won´t let you drown

but we won’t let you down and the time will come when all the shit will end
the day will come and the time is yours
i will never let you drown in the darkness and silence of human failure and depression

i won’t let you drown
we won’t let you drown

i will never let you go
Track Name: Begin
life goes on
i will never look back
this my time
clean up my act
i will be on my way

i’ve seen so much pain
i was always wasting away
but now i look ahead with confidence
no past no regret

i’ll take this second chance
i will live again
i see with eyes wide open

you only live once
so live in the here and now
preserve what keeps you alive
stand up and rise

don’t waste your time
make every second divine
get over yourself
be the light and shine

you only live once

and my friend listen to these words
when it seems it all comes crashing down
know that you are not alone
we can do it all together

live intense destroy your fence keep your head enhanced
take your life into your hands
follow your dreams
bring the light into the dark
follow your own heart

be the light and shine
don´t waste your fucking time
follow your dreams
follow your own heart